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  • WiFi+GSM dual-network alarm system.
  • Capacitive touch buttons, fashionable, automatic calibration every day after network
  • connected
  • 128X32 dot matrix display, built-in clock, intuitive and convenient.
  • Original host operating system, operation simple and directly.
  • 2 wired and 100 wireless zones, zone name can be modified, each zone has 1
  • detector, single zone’s name can modify.
  • 8 wireless remote controls, remote control’s name can modify.
  • Support 10 RFID cards.
  • Timing armed and disarmed, delay armed alarm, alarm time can reset.
  • Preset 6 groups alarm calls, each phone group can set 18 numbers at most.
  • Preset 6 groups SMS calls, host sends SMS alarms automatically, can set 18 digits.
  • Android and Apple mobile software smart control.
  • One-button control, out armed, home armed, remote armed, remote phone armed.
  • Programming attribute: select doorbell attributes, zone name and accessory name
  • can modify by yourself.
  • Effective armed, effective disarmed, effective home armed, delay zone, multiple zone
  • APP programming functions.
  • Wireless code learning, adding new accessories convenient, safe and efficient.
  • Remote control, host armed, disarmed, monitoring, intercom and other functions.
  • Event record query: host records 30 alarm events automatically.
  • Multiple armed modes: remote real-time armed, out host delay armed, home staying.
  • armed, Scheduled armed at designated time, remote armed by phone remote.
  • Built-in high-capacity lithium battery, power failure alarm function.
  • Smart doorbell, APP notifications.
  • APP alarm notifications, accurately locate the alarm defense zone.
  • Record log of door magnetic switch, history recording, APP management.
  • TUYA WiFi solution, APP management, allows to be linked to other smart products
  • of TUYA ecosystem.
  • Bulit-in high-capacity lithium battery,can also work properly when power off.